The Kathak maestro, Pandit Munna Shukla, is an admirable three-in- one: a large hearted, self effacing and very effective teacher; an excellent performer himself even at present age; and a prolific creator of radically new dance numbers which no where spill over the Kathak idiom inspite of their aesthetic diversity and opulence. Nor is his repertoire of traditional numbers lacking in beauty and variety. As an exponenet and teacher of kathak, and also as a speaker on this dance - form, Munna ji has regaled audiences in quite a few foreign countries.

However, what I like most about him is that inspite of his enviable achievements, including the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akadmi Award of excellence in classical dance, he remains a simple, gentle and affable person. I cannot help wishing him the felicity of unceasing creativity along with personal contentment.

Dr. S.K.Saxena

PADMA BHUSHAN, Music Critic - The Hindutan Times
National Fellow, Sangeet Natak Academi

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